As Consultants on “Innovative Media”, with the objective of “sharing knowledge and expertise to build the next generaration of Individuals and Organizations” we Initiate and complete turnkey projects in the following:

  1. Establishment of Television, Radio, Community Radio Broadcasting Stations and Networks.
  2. Brand Management and Development.
  3. Production of realistic documentaries, corporate films, ads, feature films and autobiographies.
  4. Training and Development of personnel for a career in multi-media / employment – both local and overseas.
  5. Public Relations, Product Launches, Press Conferences and Events.
  6. Media Research and Market Intelligence
  7. Designing and Management of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  8. Communication and Business strategies for all kinds of products / services including Development and Communications.
  9. Celebrity Management, sponsorship and fund-raising initiatives
  10. Curriculum Development in the following
    1. Photo Journalism
    2. Still Photography
    3. Cinematography
    4. News broadcasting / production
    5. Social Media, Copywriting, Blogging and Websites
    6. Digital Marketing and Media