I continue my 5 decade old journey in the fields of media and life, trying to learn more and more with each passing day. I am happy with the way the world is constantly growing better. I take great interest in your life, finding a way to wash your cares away with painstaking meticulous informed thought.

Join me in any way possible as we find new ways to experience express and improve the human condition through work in the fields of
- media and philanthropy
- all round youth development
- sharing & healing
- responsible business

I'm lucky to have a very savvy, spirited and integral team of professionals working around me. Come watch as we put our diverse skills to YOUR good use.

- Muneer Ahamed, April 2019

Since completing his diploma in cinematography from Institute of Film Technology, Chennai (Govt. of Tamil Nadu) exactly 5 decades ago, Mr Muneer Ahamed has had a remarkable career as a Lecturer / Cinematographer / Cameraman (Doordarshan) / News Correspondent (Press Trust of India - TV, Tamilnadu / TV Today) / Producer, Cameraman & Director for Documentaries and Ads / Consultant for Asianet / General Management for Zee Network, Chennai / CEO for Vasanth TV.

Along the way, he has borne these distinctions - Reminicence awarded best diploma film when he studied in the 60s, Scroll of Honour awarded by film society of film technology Chennai, 3 awards for TV serials from Mylapore Academy. He was the pioneer Cameraman/Director for Daily serials in Tamil - namely Shakti, produced by Nimbus TV and later Oru Penin Kadhai for AVM Studios both of which winning him a very good name.

A strategist / visionary with half a century of experience in film and media, Muneer Ahamed brings his craft to guide the team of young, dedicated artists and talents with him in his new venture - a Media Company / Network - GDMV (Global Digital Media Village - gdmvindia.com).

He wishes fervently to see Media put to good use in promoting the stellar works of NGOs (non-profit organizations aiding social causes) that strive tirelessly to change the world around for the better. In this, he partners with Imran of YieldMore.org to aid the many (and more welcome) #MovementsInUnison. They will together be helping tell stories that capture the pain and difficulty faced by the many disenfranchised people around us and how a few rays of hope here and there bring solace to them.

His vision is now to produce, direct, market, market digitally and train / consult in a way that the newer generations benefit largely from his vast / diverse experience and come up as all-rounders in the area of media.

Positions Currently Held

See Muneer's Complete Resume here.