A media production house related to ad films, documentaries, corporate features, autobiographies, movies, television production, media consultancy, business promotion strategy, event management, media-related legal advice and media marketing (movies, social media and digital marketing).

Media Bank for media professionals from Print Media / Radio / News / Television / Movies / Social Media Blogs, including Actors and Actresses, to seek work and promote their portfolios and exchange thoughts and ideas.

GDMVIndia.com also has a Multi Media Training Institute and a Web Freelancer Training Program and does stellar work right from logo design to websites,  commercial photography and product launches.

The GDMV Team Consists of Professionals from:

  • Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, Government of India
  • Dr MGR Film and Television Institute of Chennai, Govt of Tamil Nadu
  • Film and Television Industry
  • Print Media, Radio and¬†Broadcast Industry
  • Marketing, Web and Social Media Industry
  • Multimedia Industry (as both trainers and consultants)