We are a group of highly qualified professionals from the Media Industry. Our team, with more than four decades of experience, are from:

  • Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, Government of India
  • Film & Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Govt. of TN
  • Film and Television Industry
  • Social Media, Print & Radio


A newly formed company though our network has been in the field for ages, some of our services include:

  • ad-films
  • product-launches
  • documentaries
  • feature-films
  • media-legal-consultancy
  • media-consultants
  • marketing (conventional) + digital marketing
  • business-promotion-through media network
  • events
  • commercial-photography
  • autobiographies
  • company-profiles

Media Bank

Professionals and artists can join our media bank for exchange of knowledge, finding employment and references, building connections in the field of Media (Television, Movie & Web).


The brainchild of Muneer Ahamed, Global Digital Media Village exists with the purpose of creating and producing great media and digital content for our customers and their mature, refined audiences, in movies, advertising, documentaries and events.

Our team of marketing professionals can handle diverse assignments in the areas of movies, television, mainstream and digital / social media.

To know more about our institute thats in the formation stage.